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of the markets in north and south america, europe, africa, russia, and our fastest growing markets are in india and china. and we will be part of the economy and provide great jobs and great careers, and any vehicle we sell around the world helps ford make the most affordable vehicles available anywhere around the world. we have new plants around the world and increasing the capacity and strength of our products in all of our manufacturing, and we're going to hiring 11,000 new employees around the world, and 5,000 here in the united states. >> one of the things that henry ford contributed to was the building of a middle class. >> yes. >> we are now seeing a lot of pressure on that middle class, and it is so tied to the auto industry. the auto industry was the thing that represented an avenue into the middle class. can it still play that role and what role is it playing? >> i really think it will continue, because there's no country sustainable without a long manufacturing base, and i'm so pleased to see the attention we're all putting now on not only having a good, competitive manufacturing bas
come out with since i joined the company. i was in europe for so long and you could not buy a mustang over there. i never understood why not because everyone loves them there. you will now sell this worldwide right when your biggest competitor comes out of europe. you're going in there without -- all of the products you want. what does that mean for ford? >> our products we sell everywhere. what is cool about mustang is is it -- it is billed for the roads. the acceleration and the balance of the car, the europeans will love it. i was introduced in barcelona. we have a right-hand driver. it means we can sell it in the u.k. and other places that have right-hand drives. it will be a world car. you mentioned you cannot get them before. dealers used to gray market them in because they wanted him so badly. >> another headline grabber. ford unveiling its new pickup. this thing is made almost entirely of aluminum and not steal. >> this is a big departure. aluminum body, military grade aluminum. everybody knows that will take a lot of weight out. you will get much better fuel economy. what pe
in europe on the day she arrived in london. someone set up a bogus hotspot, stole her identity and opened some credit cards in her name. but she's not worried. checking her experian credit report and score allowed her to better address the issue ...and now, she can move right in. experian. live credit confident. does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene. available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel, biotene can provide soothing relief, and it helps keep your mouth healthy, too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene -- for people who suffer from dry mouth. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of wor
of europe. but the u.s. africa command is as minimal as africa is best. africom consists of only 2000 personnel including military and civilian employees and contractors. the headquarters is in germany were 1500 of the personnel are from the space. the army elements are based upon italy and the u.s. navy ships are saying that the marine contingent is shared with marine corps forces in europe. located in germany at the airbase. we thought you might like a little bit more context. turning now to a rant. lawmakers on capitol hill expressing doubts about a deal with iran to slow its nuclear weapons program. representing the framework on how to implement a six-month nuclear dear in november. and it would go into effect next monday, january 20. under that agreement aranda will limit its uranium enrichment to 5%, commonly used to power reactors and it would stop producing 20% enriched uranium which is just a step away from weapons grade. iran will also promote experts to carry out daily inspections of its nuclear facilities and programs. the united states and the european union will ease the
. thmortgage didn't start here. it began on her vacation in europe. someone stole her identity and opened some credit cards in her name. checking her experian credit report and score allowed her to better address the issue...and move right in. experian. of the dusty basement at 1406 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall off roble avenue. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ [ mawith our today's what's fresh fish menu,eating right at red lobster? you can always catch fish fresh every day! wood-fire grilled, blackened, or roasted. eating better never tasted so good! sea quality, sea variety, sea food differently at red lobster. >>> sworn in as governor of virginia. there at the state house his old friends bill and hillary clinton. it's the second inaugural for the clintons in ten days. th
didn't start here. it began on her vacation in europe. someone stole her identity and opened some credit cards in her name. checking her experian credit report and score allowed her to better address the issue...and move right in. experian. purina dog chow light & healthy is a deliciously tender and crunchy kibble blend. with 20% fewer calories than purina dog chow. isn't it time you discovered the lighter side of dog chow. purina dog chow light & healthy. >>> we are back with senators ben carton and john borasso. you mentioned the keystone pipeline which i think is a myth in terms of job creation. would you be willing to pay for this unemployment insurance by taking away the $10 billion of unnecessary corporate welfare for oil and gas companies? >> there is so much oil and gas on public lands the tax revenue alone would cover that but the president continues to block these sources -- >> up or down on getting rid of corporate welfare? >> those are people's jobs at stake and the president's policies continue to hurt the middle class. >> senator, a number of times earlier you refer
, which is always the top selling. the mark are the is coming back and as well as the market in europe, the chinese market, i just heard this morning the chinese market is going to go where it is today which is about 15 million same as we are to 32 million units by the year 2022. that's eight years away but the americans are in there fighting, domestics are in there fighting. they'll get a piece of the action. >> i'm going ostop you. you are so good at this. your restaurant is going to be a big hit in no time flat. bub liebler. >> hope you'll come and visit us. >> yeah, i will! motown. owner of whitney restaurant and former executive of chrysler and ford. bud, glad to have you. >>> how far a southwest plane was off course when it landed at the wrong airport. plus, president obama opens up criticism about his secretary much defense. back in a moment. assault. afghan president karzai is long accu >> welcome back everyone to al jazeera america. here is a look at your top stories. the water ban is being gradually lifted in west virginia. testing is showing the water is safe. 300,000 people
vacation in europe on the day she arrived in london. someone set up a bogus hotspot, stole her identity and opened some credit cards in her name. but she's not worried. checking her experian credit report and score allowed her to better address the issue ...and now, she can move right in. experian. live credit confident. >>> politics ain't beanbag. and everybody in the country who engages in politics knows that. on the other hand, that's very, very different than saying that, you know, someone is a bully, because i am who i am, but i am not a bully. >> does the christie team operate based on political payback and retaliation? a new story from jersey city suggests the answer is yes. documents obtained by nbc news support claims from jersey city mayor steve philip that he was cut off after refusing to endorse christie for governor. the documents show that disgraced christie age bridget kelly arranged for top state officials to meet with the mayor last summer. but all of those meetings were canceled without explanation after he chose not to endorse christie. that echoes the experience of t
responsibility. in fact, that is one of the events that set off the huge flow of refugees from eastern europe including my father, among others. replicawas a kind of except far more brutal and vicious. than -- itped more is true he was removed as defense minister, but it wasn't long before he came back. that is one of a number of extremely shocking incidents in his career. >> i want to stay with that for a moment because i want to turn to ellen segal, jewish-american nurse who worked at hospital at the sabra camp at the time of the massacre in september 1982. we interviewed her in 2001 and plated on the 20th anniversary of the killings -- played it on the 20th anniversary the killings. she describes some of what she saw during the massacre. >> it was the 18th, a saturday morning, also the first day of rosh hashanah. we were told to come down to the entrance way to the hospital that the lebanese army was downstairs. well, it wasn't the lebanese army. here were a group of soldiers who looked quite neat, clean, and they told us they were going to march as out of the camp. they took our passports
in europe, he's giving -- getting himself ready to jump from one building to the next. but watch. kind of a close call there. misses his landing, doesn't get on to that ledge. almost slims down and almost falls but catches himself. is able to push himself up to safety but not before he takes a big shot to the chest for sure. >> barely misses. >> look how he walks it off. he's like, okay, let me -- takes a couple of steps and just resumes. >> superclose. but maybe he should measure that out and go, what was na? 14 feet. maybe next time do 14 and under. >> it may just be the world's oldest street fight, because -- >> these two guys are in their 70s. >> what? >> what happens that had them throwing down like this. >> and a cat gets caught on the commode. >> that's a heavy stream for a cat. >> see her use the potty like a pro, next. >>> video of a street fight shows that sometimes some guys just never grow up. here's a brawl going down on the streets of china. two guys, one guy down on his back, another guy beating on him. but these two guys are in their 70s. >> what? >> the dog of the man
between europe's airbus and america's boeing. >> battle in the skies. you could call it a tie for 2013. airbus announced it had a record-breaking year with orders for more than 1500 planes. they beat boeing in terms of orders. boeing racked up only 1355 orders. in terms of actual deliveries, the american playmaker beat airbus -- the american airplane maker beat airbus. they dominate the passenger plane market. their order books are filled for years to come. the backlog is long. reports --ere were earlier, our reporter asked airbus's chief operating officer about the risk. >> they aren't expecting to receive the aircraft tomorrow. airlines have a well considered and well developed plan about what planes they need for which mission and which destination. there is a good connect between our ability to deliver and the demand of airlines. nevertheless, since available order slots might be the competitive advantage and divisive criteria in the future, we will certainly look for further opportunities in the new future. >> does this mean you have to get more planes delivered? you get the produ
on her vacation in europe. someone stole her identity and opened some credit cards in her name. checking her experian credit report and score allowed her to better address the issue...and move right in. experian. we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness if you qualify, and new car replacement, standard with our auto policies. so call liberty mutual at... today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>> at the supreme court today, extraordinary constitutional test of the president's executive power. in what is a rare case affecting all three branches of the federal government, the justices heard arguments over president obama's recess appointments to a federal agency made without formal senate confirmation. our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin was there, heard all the arguments for us. the president of the united states, he likes these recess appointments right now. when he was a senator, he didn't like those recess appointments. >> this is a classic problem. when ba
trend. these are criminals largely operating out of eastern europe. they have been at it for years. they get better and better, as we, you and i, everybody watching this show put more of our information into digital formats including shopping. >> how do they know this is all connected, what is going on at target, what is happening at neiman marcus? not all retailers have been notified yet. it may have happened to you and you don't even know it. how are they linking these things together as one incident? >> strikes me as a law enforcement issue. that part, so much they don't know and can't do, that part doesn't strike me as being that difficult for the fbi. for example, to be able to see, you know, we know from watching the movies that bomb-makers leave clues when they make their bombs. i think these cyber criminals do as well. melissa: what about for the average person? my impression is only way you really figure it out, they're notifying some people but not everyone, frankly they don't know everyone involved. >> no. melissa: the number keeps growing and only thing you do as indivi
. another trend to watch is europe. experts are betting that multinationals will benefit from the ongoing recovery in europe. several companies do have exposure to europe and could see an uptick in demand this past quarter including priceline. they could offer future growth opportunities for priceline as well as the broader online travel space. when it comes to emerging markets, experts have a mixed opinion on business conditions there. last quarter yum brands and nike were cautious on china while general mills saw strength. management over there said they had a very strong quarter in china and saw terrific growth in brazil. whether we see strength or witness in emerging markets, others point out unfavorable currency fluk wags will be a concern. >> it seems like all that matters is what the end does. >> these days companies that have exposure to japan and how they deal with the depreciation we've seen in the yen will be a factor to watch. >> i think they definitely will be watching these earnings reports a lot more carefully because the fed is less of a factor righ
are saying in europe and go from there. >> rose: twitter is your second look? business insider first and then twitter. >> yes. i am on all twitter all day long, both sites. >> rose: what else? what else informs you? >> everything. the great thing about twitter is it is just a buff pay, of waiters and you feast all day long, and in real-time you see things pop up and e-mail links all the time and visit other web sites. >> rose: people saying take a look at this, take a look at this? >> absolutely. >> rose: what follows the internet? >> what follows the internet as we know it today is the internet of things, it is everything in your house and your life is online and available to you through your smart phone. >> rose: it is still the internet, though, isn't it? >> it is the internet connecting everything, but like electricity, it is you being able to control everything, devices talking to each other, that is a huge opportunity now. >> rose: thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me, charlie. >> rose: pleasure to have you. henry blodgett. thank you for joining us. see you next ti
with china slowing down and europe is in a difficult position. our employment number was trapped on friday. many tried to explain that away. i have done work on this. you can't explain away an unemployment number. we're not creating enough jobs. you can say i blame it on republicans. i don't care. we're not getting enough jobs. because of that we have too many people who work here looking for jobs and not enough jobs but immigration is another thing we're not allowed to challenge. let's bring everybody in from overseas. people were here before. so what. why are these issues not discussed? wait a second. maybe the immigration thing is not that great when we have way, way, way extra supply of workers right now. >> i have argued on this show for open borders changing the global gdp once and for all. let me ask you this about emerging markets. you are really good at telling us what stocks we should get into. what do you think about the marijuana business. there's a lot of stock for companies helping people grow, helping people sell, it seems like an emerging market. i got our director in my ea
not been a long-term holder of assets. in 1996 and since then has been building up in europe, in particular. he has a couple of deals where he now has a much bigger balance sheet to borrow against. there probably needs to be more cash than stock in this deal. there is a lot of balance sheet capacity there and quite frankly, i think time warner cable shareholders will demand more cash and less stock. toke -- thanks so much to the whole game. ♪ >> we have some breaking news. it looks like a rod is firing back. >> alex rodriguez is suing the major league baseball group and its commissioner. up in his season- long suspension for 2014. we did think this headline would cross earlier today. a manhattan judge said he could file an unredacted suit. his lawyer has asked for a partial redacted suit. once again, alex rodriguez the mlb.- suing you you have a six week earning season that happened four times a year, then you have about seven weeks that are off-season. iny went back and found earning season, 10 stock to rally about .5% versus the off- season when they rally more than three time
an office. >> so where else in the world? >> this report talked about europe, and germany specifically. butalk about europe's woes, clearly something that helps an economy grow longer term is innovation. your hasrs found that become an increasingly desirable destination. same not think of it the way as we do silicon valley, but 23% of deals were funded in europe. of course, you are talking about all of europe versus one area of the united states, but an interesting fact nonetheless that europeans are drawing more and more risk capital to start a that are there. >> berlin is hot by all accounts. thank you, jason kelly. have a quick break. when we come back, investing in distressed debt. a hedge fund manager from phoenix investment will tell us where he sees opportunities this year. and we will take you to detroit. the auto show is going on. the porsche north american ceo will be our guest. ♪ >> welcome back to "money moves" on bloomberg television. rest investors say this is going to be a great year. phoenixder and cio at advisers is with us, along with contributing editor bob rice. g
of way this happens. and one other thing, in u.s. aviation, not so much overseas in europe, air traffic control will often give you a clear to land, clear to land, quite a long way out. so they will have gone up to approach, got on to final approach and would have been at branson airport they would have been told clear to land and they would be using their own navigation. as they came in to land, they just did it. >> no one yells at them and says you're too low, you're too low because you're seven miles from the real airport? >> in theory, yes. in practice, as you can clearly tell by this case and the airbus case with the dream lifter, earlier last year. no, they just don't. they assume you're on the right path. remember, it's not an instrument landing system here, it's not an automatic approach. >> and it was dark. >> it was dark. >> any one of people could have got involved here and said, hang on, you're not on the right path for this runway. it could have been the captain in the left seat, it could have been the co-pilot. >> we don't know what we're watching for and we have that came
diplomatic efforts. when we find a source of funding coming from the gulf or europe or another region of the world, we integrate that issue into our bilateral relations and really to the extent governments have impact try to press them to change their laws or behavior, to try to stamp out that funding. host: larry on twitter wants a bit of a history lesson from our guest. he writes, what was the reason for the surge in afghanistan initially? what did it accomplish? why ddi obama announce a surrender date at the start? guest: when obama came into office, he conducted a major afghanistan strategy review. where were we, how is it going, and what was needed? at that time, what we found was the taliban-led insurgency, they hade the momentum. they were gaining ground and territory in gaining influence. we were not. in addition, you had elections upcoming at that point, and the assessment was the afghans were not in a position to secure the elections by themselves and that we did not have enough troops on the ground to really ensure their success. the surge was put into place to try to put t
in eastern europe. what can we do in this country, how can american law enforcement fight cyberthieves who are a half world away? >> the big thing is that we have a system that's fundamentally flawed right now. store cards are dependent on this magnetic strip easy to be copied. stores want a card that has a chip and that is very hard to detect. they also want pin numbers on the cards so those are two things that they are pushing. >> chips and pin numbers. >> chips and pin numbers. that is the big solution. >> these stories have been in the news for several weeks. do we think it will have any measurable effect on the bottom lines for these companies? >> it already has on target. target has noticed a decrease in sales and they cut their profit outlook and even though sales recovered in the last week, i think with its drips and draws of data from target, people are very nervous right now. >> thank you for stopping by to break it down for us. do appreciate you. >> thanks. the memorial service for ariel sharon tops our news right now. he calmed hled him a complex ma. sharon died saturday eight
is compatible with jim and culture. that's the lowest in europe fifty percent and specific come since that is terrorism. and almost hopeful that too many muslims in germany. only around five percent of people in the country are muslims giving leave to the idea that the really cheap the germans made the immigration bill says lump and i think need is more accretion of kicking people in big numbers. in germany than having a problem with these now. they make it up and they don't recognize it's a different story islamic leaders recognized the day of work to do to improve the image of their religion doesn't read the full time. we have huge huge huge change perceptions and prejudices. unfortunately the media plays a big role in the show negative stories about muslims. this makes it harder for us. or whatever the perception of islam in gemini normal federal states is set to follow suit. and jimmy's almost four million muslims the same rights as the christine and jewish communities. these role of a auntie jen. i have to file the vine for the man who was once israel's most powerful figure in a
and habitat restoration and europe horizontal and other green careers. i thank you for your time and that's it. i'll stop >> (laughter). >> (calling names). >> keep in mind members of the pun and the port commission and vice president brandon good morning. i'm a receipt of the sunset district and i'm endorsed in the applied research and sustainability class in the spring. in the two years i've about that enrolled here i've been responsible for the water treatment and assisting the habitat restoration efforts and giving tours for the visitor and more - i'm very proud i've 2r0ib9d the eco center and i want to share this expense with as many as possible. the resources of our skeleton crew and frenzy/stroiftd to make that a wonderful center. we're a diverse groping group that help with the passing one of information. we're ready to move forward and form long-term phipps and the capacity and historical reliability makes it proposal the best option formals partnership. the bayview advisors committee the eco center will become another place the community can take pride in enjoying area i believe th
. >> a final farewell, ariel sharon is put to rest. >> news from europe, including britain's prime minister announces fracking, shale-gash rush. >>> and remembering those who died aboard the costa concordia two years after the ship ran aground. >> it's just nine days until a summit to try and end the fighting in syria. it's still not known whether the internationally recognized opposition group will attend, and, inside syria, al qaeda linked fighters are the ones making gains now. there's also disagreement among the terms, iran should attend but now at a meeting in paris, u.s. and russia have come up with some goodwill gestures. they've agreed to push the syrian government to create humanitarian corridors and ease the flow of aid to areas most affected by fighting. they also want a cease fire around aleppo, the heaviest city focus of fighting lately. pushing for prisoner exchanges between the government and opposition groups. let's hear more on that question of iran's attendance to geneva, continues to cause friction between u.s. and russia. here is what their envoys had to say. >> we would
the data is stored on the card. >> in europe, they don't have these kinds of problems because they use this kind of card. >> europe has been using these chip card since 2002. here in the united states, chip card penetration is only between one percent to five percent. thet is encrypted on card, why is that such a big heal? it makes it hard to create fraudulent credit cards. remember, when hackers collect all of this data is then they are generally creating fake credit cards on the black market. >> let's talk about why there are not more chip cards in the u.s. a blog post today where he said that target would helpse a coalition to protect about -- protect from scams. could that be chip and pin? of at to bring in the ceo cyber security firm that helps security analyze their vulnerability. he joins us via skype. first, what do you make of this information from target that this happened through the pos terminals, that malware infected those terminals and got a hold of data in its unencrypted state? >> target is in the worst of all positions and they are definitely not alone. the reality is
, thompson reuters is estimating a .4% jump in sales versus 3.4% that we saw last quarter. europe will also be in the spotlight this season. analysts are betting that tech will benefit from the ongoing recovery in europe. tech companies that have exposure to europe include harmon international, electronics arts and priceline. last quarter, priceline saw an uptick in european sales. analysts say the european online travel market could offer considerable growth opportunities for priceline and the broader online traffic market, travel market, excuse me, going forward. when it comes to emerging markets, experts have a mixed opinion on business conditions. last quarter, young brands and nike were cautious on china while general mills saw strength on its earnings call. management said we had a very strong quarter in china and have seen terrific growth in brazil. whether we see strength or weakness in emerging market sales, the chief market strategist at oppenheimer points out that unfavorable currency fluctuations will likely have a negative impact on earnings this season. tyler and sue? >> thank
cards themselves to using the chip and pin technology europe has adopted. in the short term we will not get there from here. instead, we need to upgrade the technology itself. the way they are getting this information is conventional, targeting employees inside the companies, getting them to click on links, comp demising their machines and therefore grabbing all the credit card data flow across these networks. we have to upgrade our technologies and studies networks themselves. dennis: how much would it cost to bulletproof these network systems versus how much does it cost in losses from hacking attacks? customers pay for the losses. spread it out amongst everyone. the vendors, retailers would have to pay for protection. >> it is a small fraction to the cost the company today. it comes down to prevention. in this case, what the national retailers need to do is upgrade their standards to be proactive to prevent breaches. what we are learning is the firms are highly sophisticated security operations but they are coming in after the fact, after the breach is made and they are find
could cost the retail industry a lot of money. and law enforcement is focusing on eastern europe as the potential source of the holiday hack, but it still is not clear whether these so-called, quote, computer chip credit cards, would have stopped the cyber attack. however, law enforcement do tell fox business that the end game here is bank fraud. those computer chip credit cards do provide an extra layer of security. now potentially three more retailers may have been hit starting at thanksgiving. that's what law enforcement is warning. but we still do not know the names of those retailers just yet. we'll bring you those breaking news and developments here as they come in. back to you. sure, right? >> target for sure. >> and nieman marcus. >> yes. and last july jcpenney was hit by a massive credit card hack that emanated out of eastern europe. that's why the focus is there. >> we got to get it right, right? >> that's right, bill. >> thanks. well, pilots land a passenger plane at the wrong airport with a dangerously short runway. so what's the worst thing an airline has done to you
, and i think the idea you could get a written document that even the united states and europe could agree to is improbable. and what you've seen in our international relations with pakistan is that there is zero agreement as to, as to -- although there are accommodations, but there's no conceptual agreement as to what, when you have the authority to use force on the territory of a neutral party. >> yeah. it took ten years, it took ten years for the international community to agree that the use of biological -- i mean, to agree to the 1925 use of chemical weapons. so the fact there's going to be disagreement about something isn't necessarily a reason to say, hey, we shouldn't be having discussion. >> i didn't say that. >> yeah. >> i think it is to the extent -- and i think, look, the u.s./european convergence has been substantial. >> [inaudible] >> so the convergence is the europeans have come to accept a more -- a less temporal understanding of imminence than they had. thatthat is, they've moved towad our view of what imminence means, at least de facto. and we have moved solidly toward th
the diplomatic path. it's our partners in europe who are on our side and it's the administration's argument that by splitting that coalition, you'll have people freelancing in effect. other governments making trade deals with iran that will undermine the sanction's regime. the trouble is, suzanne, the administration has been making this argument the last two months since this agreement was signed with iran and hasn't convinced a good number of senators on the hill. right now you have 59 senators who say they will support such legislation. >> still a lot of work at the white house to get through to them. jim, appreciate it. thank you. >>> dennis rodman hopefully getting that rest on the flight from beijing to newark because he is likely going to be bombarded with a lot of questions the minute he steps off the plane later today because rodman is on his way back from his trip to north korea and says he is sorry about certain situations going on inside the country. doesn't really say what the situations are. says he's not sorry for the trip itself, where he organized the basketball game in sayi
tree. i've got a taller tree europe the us. with full sets of facts they can fly across the front of their parents it is. just keep watch for the young. worst owl is all the land safely at the far bank sixty meters away the next one takes. it is sleek white chicks. still the young how manages to reach the other side all by itself. they're the parents will teach you to come in his hand. porch scope of the village. farmers in the snow. farmers. given that the creatures. lights are interconnected something living in harmony with each eye. the us. can. dunedin. it is. he chooses the stillness of me to coast in northeastern japan. it is harvested from whence this is a significant sign of recovery. take it. that's a taste of salt water the stitching would deal with something important eugene some form of pre ch
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on graduate school of business in china europe international business school a well known high entering school the two schools are topical which nba nba an effective education program they're both are non entrepreneurs high ranking official and other super rich people. all of them hit their non profit organization. but the end of commission fees have increased rapidly in recent years. they can jump on costas and bolted up and have been completed to hear the mba course come to nearly fifty six thousand dollars in the future simply have increased nearly a hundred twenty thousand dollars. with so many high profile leaders attending the program. other schools in china started copying the idea. we haven't had nearly the same contest or talent. there's a lot of money in the industry. accord to the enterprise and for a financial weekly newspaper in china. the market for training courses party entrepreneurs and businessmen has rapidly grown in recent years. each year nearly twenty billion yuan one run three point three billion dollars from paul in the market. the whole country of the one thousandth re
in the u.s.. but today is the c class. >> it is the most important with 60,000 europe -- units and it is just taking it to a new level. we are very confident. >> looking at be unfeeling it is the first time you will make a passenger car in the u.s.? >> absolutely right. we have the m class, but now no other luxury maker or german car maker will make as a van -- said they and. >> i'll look down the way to look at the competitors of bmw. last year you had a great december and you cave in and with about 3,000 more sales than bmw. is that more to come in the future? >> we were staying ahead of bmw the entire year but he relaxed in december and we're happy to be the number one spot. it is more important to win many more satisfied customers to take us ahead of our competition. we are relaxed about that. >> i want to put up the stocks of the automotive suppliers. we have a recovery going on. today we have had all time highs for delphi and johnson controls, you have a recovery in the united states what about europe? limit europe went through a very difficult period. rethink we are seei
to rest in the negev desert. >> i'm lauren taylor with the news from europe including europe's prime minister new support for fracking. and marking the second anniversary of the cost can concordia crash with the ship still waiting to be removed. >> it is just nine days for a summit to try to end the fighting in syria, but many observers are not expecting to achieve much. inside syria al-qaeda linked fighters are making gan gains. now the meeting in russia have come up with some good-will gestures. they've agreed to push the syrian government to ease the flow of aid most affected by firing. they also want a cease-fire around aleppo around the city and focus on the most heaviest fighter. and there is been an agreement to push for prisoner exchanges between the government and opposition groups. let's go live to paris where that meeting is being held. what do you make of the tone then of this meeting? we don't know if the opposition is going to attend. we've got the n.a.t.o. powers pushing for these initiatives. >> time is running out as well. it's nine days to go before the dates they h
with chips and pin numbers that they use in europe. until america moves to the chip and pin card, bob, what is your best advice to cardholders? should you be concerned about using your card at a retailer? out --uld like to point those are called emv cards. they are not exactly foolproof, they are better. they have their vulnerabilities as well. for the average consumer, and a lot of it is you are kind of hiding in the noise. if you were one of the hundred million people that perhaps had their credit card information stolen, you may not actually be the one to get the credit card sent to a malicious actor. the best thing you can do is increase your security, two factor authentication with your credit card company, don't use public wi-fi to do banking transactions. vpn service that can pierce my communications. t- that incorrect -- tha encrypts my communications. who is selling this stuff, how much can a credit card get on the black market? >> it eventually funneled into organized crime networks in russia or china, perhaps the u.s. credit card information is usually sold in bulk. statements. t
we will support a strong europe and a strong for which a change of economic policies required for which to enjoy real benefits from the membership info to the european elections is a vote for that change. during the second day of the meeting participants discussed the prospects of promoting sustainable growth and jobs to you. which is tightly linked with the ongoing budget debate the optional but the best to bpp group vice chairman responsible for budget and structural policies explain the framework of the debate don't send jokes. domingo and unless he has been ditched and european governments. so this is that the girl of the discussions he got the budget the budget of some of that today tokyo but it is the thirty five percent. this might have discussed that won't mean an addiction. with the stupid dumb and so cheap. alicia forty six who was given. for that. for the decreasing the cheese is going to produce gold and jewels. he says what the ppp would it would go. support for the student addiction the talks and jokes. you know we went to. the what young people. but she had to c
and regional surveys later. europe hanging on to green as well. road map begins with retailers suffering the same fate as target. neiman-marcus is among those whose customer data also breached. hear what target's ceo told becky quick, next. >> ford unveiling a big change to f-150 pickup truck, using aluminum in the body. alan mulally will join us in a moment. >>> suntory planning to buy u.s.-based beam for $14 billion after accounting for assumed debt. >>> target is not alone when it comes to data breaches. neiman marcus says mack hacker may have stolen information. in an exclusive interview, target ceo telling becky quick, the retailer's accountable for the data breach that affects 10 million customers. the full extent is not known but malware installed on the point of stale registers. target working with law enforcement to determine who did it and when it was done. also steinhafel says target has work to do regaining customers' trust. >> challenging times for target, i can tell you that. it's a real. . in the gut. throughout the crisis, we've had a singular focus on doing the right thi
, and a big change for the better for a lot of you. let's see what's going on in europe, and really started off western europe, very messy out here. we have one low after another while remains mild here in the east. see what's going on with this system. we have one low moving through the mediterranean. some 80 kilometer per hour winds near the coastline could be expected out of this one. plus in the higher elevations in the alpines you could see some heavy snowfall. also on and off showers there throughout the british isles as this cold front is bringing some snowfall there into the low country. and that low is really just going to be making for a messy situation. meanwhile, like i said, in the east, milder, staying chilly just at the freezing mark in warsaw and kiev. that's a look at your world weather. here's the extended forecast. >>> japan is celebrating its new crop of adult citizens. people who turned 20 over the past year are taking part in coming of age day ceremonies. ♪ the municipal of urayasu is home to tokyo disneyland. every year it invites new adults to the theme park. they'
public broadcasting, voice of america and radio free europe, to tone down some of its criticism of human rights in the iranian regime in order to make diplomacy work i could. that the course was well over a decade ago. it simply didn't work, but simply making the information campaign to be part and parcel of a broader strategy, or part and parcel, select diplomacy is younger brother, is something the wrong way to conduct business. desperation often leads to philly. between 1995-2000, american diplomats sought to engage the taliban. our current negotiations with the taliban are not new and they are not pathbreaking. we have done this before. the talk, of course went nowhere but the state department wouldn't take no for an answer or let reality intrude. in 1997, for example, the u.s. ambassador to extend wrote, there's little evidence to suggest that mullah omar is our radical with a western agenda. the head of the american negotiation delegation included that the taliban's refusal was actually a desire for more dialogue. he was subsequently promoted to national security council. the same
. it is a huge part of our diplomatic efforts. fundingfind a source of coming from the gulf war europe or another region of the world, we integrate that issue into our bilateral relations and really to the extent governments have impact, try to press them to change their laws or behavior, to try to stamp out that funding. >> larry on twitter wants a bit of a history lesson from our guest. he writes, what was the reason for the surge in afghanistan initially echo what did it accomplish? why was there a surrender date at the start? guest: when obama came into office, he conducted a major afghanistan review. where were we, how is it going, and what was needed? washat time, what we found the taliban led insurgency, they have the momentum. they were gaining ground and territory in gaining influence. in addition, you had elections upcoming at that point here the weresment was the afghans not in a position to secure the elections by themselves and that we did not have enough troops on to really ensure their success. to search was put into place try to put the forces into place that could reverse
.martomas is pleading not guilty in the insider trading case. europe's largest car maker may be expanding operations in the u-s. volkswagen is said to favor a tennessee factory as the site to build a new mid-sized suv. entering the growing segment could help boost v-w sales in the u-s. the chattanooga location currently builds the passat model. vw recently topped gm in sales in china. automakers from around the world will motor to detroit this week to unveil their latest and greatest. fifty new concept and production vehicles are set to debut in the motor city. the highly competitive pickup truck and midsize sedan categories may attract the most attention, with u-s automakers ford and chrylser ready to debut new models. still to come...previewing profits...naming the sectors that closed out 20-13 with a,cruising with carnival.what the options market is predicting about the stock's ship to shore performance.and, making sense of a confusing jobs report. why the weak number is getting a strong response from analysts...bill moller explains after the break. what's wrong with this pictu
in november when the ukraine president froze ties with europe and aligned with moscow and it secured a $15 billion bail out from the kremlin. safety measures on trains are coming in the wake of the deadly derailment in new york last month and shumer have cameras to monitor drivers and outward cameras for the trend and the camera will defect if they are playing games or nodding off and they will enact the rule this year. a metro north train derailed in december killing four people and the engineer admits he may have fallen asleep. target may not be alone with getting hacked, three well-known u.s. stores were also breached and the hacks were smaller than the one that hit target last month and they have not made a public announcement about the cyber attack and promising to make significant changes in the wake of the security breach. >> we don't know the full extent about the impact but we have malware and removed it so we can have a safe and secure shopping environment. >> reporter: at least 110 million target customers had their personal and credit card information stolen over the holiday s
. >> jpmorgan and wells fargo. >> was the location of all of the major banks in europe? >>let's get the company news. >> we have a story on ubs. it puts an end to speculation -- they are not considering putting off their investment banking business. volkswagen passes general motors in china. they are selling 3.2 million vehicles last year. they edged a gm. this marks the first time in nine years double-click an out sold gm in china. it put them closer to being the world's biggest carmaker by 2018. in hewlett-packard plans to renominate its entire board of directors. this is an effort to build stability after years of turnover. the interim chairman could the renominated as part of this plan. that is today's company news. >> are they an emerging -- are they in the acquisition game" >> that has been what we're reading and hoping for. to be honest, it is a huge company. will you deal? you have to sell. 2014?t is the report in >> it is a private company. it is hard to tell what is going on. we know that they wanted to take an enormous amount of cost out of the company. you could probably bet that t
to believe they will break even in europe by mid decade. in other gm news just days before it learns whether a 2014 chevrolet silverado pickup truck wins the honors as north american truck of the year, the company is recalling 370,000 full-size trucks due to a potential fire hazard. gm's incoming ceo mary barra is joining us live from the detroit auto show at 8:00 a.m. eastern time this morning. >>> also, southwest airlines had a plane land at the wrong missouri plane last night. the flight to chicago midway was scheduled to land at the nearby branson airport with a longer runway. nobody was hurt. that's the good news. it is not clear whether the plane landed at the airport by accident or whether there was an actual emergency. >>> and picking up on what becky was talking about in news around target, neiman marcus is saying thieves stole some of its customers' payment card information and made unauthorized charges over the holiday season. no estimate yet on how many customers may be affected. reuters reporting that target and neiman marcus may not be the only u.s. retailers breached during th
the security standards. they're very lax. if you look at europe, if you look at canada, they've implemented chip and pin technology, which is basically an embedded microchip on our credit cards. it's much, much safer, more secure and it's encrypted. so at the time of purchase, you're not swiping and just taking information off the mag strip. none of that information can be pulled down at the point of sale terminal, which is exactly what happened in the case of target and most likely the same thing with neiman marcus. >> so it's interesting. you're not saying the hackers are not better beyond our capabilities. they're not using best capabilities yet. >> yes. this is old technology. they haven't spent the money. >> what does it make you think when the ceo sounds surprised? >> it surprises me. priority one should be consumer data, keeping that protected. certain things they did wrong there certainly, allowing that to get hacked. but of even more concern probably is the trust factor. why did they not come out sooner and let the consumers know there was a hack. they're required by pci compliance
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